Published on October 21, 2014 at 14:41 / Updated on May 16, 2019 at 19:46

Losing weight and staying in shape while working? It is possible! Apart from classic jobs such as that of physical education teachers, many other professions do indeed keep people pretty active. If you are currently contemplating a career change, why not opt for a job that will be good for your health? Here are a few examples:

· Postal workers walk many kilometres each and every day, in good and bad weather. · Some messengers walk or travel by bicycle to make their deliveries. · Childhood educators and instructors spend a lot of energy entertaining and taking care of little ones. Without a doubt, lifting, carrying and playing with little kids result in a very good workout! · Construction workers usually participate in a variety of projects. Almost every single job in this field is physically and muscularly demanding. · Painters develop their upper body muscles with all the stretching and long movements they need to perform while colouring the walls of houses, buildings and other structures. · Farmers have tasks that vary according to their specialty. But one thing is certain: from sun up to sun down, they get to use all of their muscles. · Landscape artists must spend a lot of energy while shaping and modifying our landscapes. · Assembly line workers put together various pieces to produce a variety of finished goods. · Camera operators walk, carry and operate their heavy equipments.

For those of us who have more sedentary jobs, we can still activate our muscles while we work. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, exercising your arm muscles during long telephone conversations and taking a walk on your lunch break are all great examples of small efforts that can contribute in improving your physical condition. So let’s hop to it and get moving!

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