August 25, 2020

Familiprix simplifies shopping for eco-friendly products

Familiprix today announced that it will be deploying a labelling program that will help customers more easily find eco-friendly products in store. These labels will be applied to items across all product categories.

Familiprix is the first pharmacy banner to have worked with a specialized firm to develop such a program.

At a time when more and more eco-friendly products are hitting the market, Familiprix’s new labels will give discerning customers a simple way to choose ecological products that respect the environment. The labels will be affixed to products that respect Familiprix’s environmental responsibility and sustainability criteria, which have been established thanks to its partnership with Maillon Vert, experts in sustainable development.

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“Our innovative eco-friendly labels will allow our customers to take advantage of Familiprix’s deepening knowledge of ecologically sound products,” explained Bernard Godbout, Vice President of Marketing and Merchandising at Familiprix.

Familiprix is very committed to its continuous improvement process, which is focused on sustainability. Other initiatives will be announced in the next few months.

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