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Caring for people and the planet

Since 2018, we have been dedicated to adopting more eco-friendly business practices. Our actions are based on an overall strategic plan that focuses on four specific sustainable development initiatives. This plan will guide Familiprix in our continuous improvement throughout the organization.

Products for overall well-being - Health Humaine Approach Connected Services - Local People - A Healthy Planet

A healthy planet

Optimizing our delivery network is one of our priorities to reducing our ecological footprint.

Health. Humane approach. Connected services.

We develop and improve innovative, high-tech solutions to increase the efficiency of our business processes.

Products for overall well-being

We constantly review our products and their ingredients in order to offer clients the very best options on the market.

Local people

We encourage pharmacists that are affiliated with Familiprix to get involved in their local communities.

Our offer

We are firmly committed  to continuously meeting and surpassing our clients’ needs. This is why we have created eco-friendly products and initiatives for all of our branches. Here are just some of projects:

In store

eco-friendly bottle

Familiprix will stop selling boxes of bottled spring water as of January 2020

This represents over 10 million single-use plastic bottles that will be removed from Familiprix branches.

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Éco-friendly tag

Eco-friendly product labelling

In order to help clients quickly identify eco-friendly alternatives to traditional pharmacy products, Familiprix has designed an innovative labeling program, which has been deployed in all Familiprix branches.

beauté éthique

Beauté éthique

Familiprix’s BEAUTÉ ÉTHIQUE section in our pharmacies are dedicated to offering clients products that are Ecocert-certified, vegan, natural, not tested on animals and/or GMO-free.

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Private lavel

Eco-friendly private lavel

Essentiel Éco product line

Our exclusive Essentiel  products always offer great quality at affordable prices. With our new Essentiel Éco product line, we now meet the needs and expectations of our environmentally conscious clients even more by offering them options that are safe for the Earth.

Our initiatives

We are proud to bring together the highest number of independent pharmacist-owners with nearly 400 pharmacies across Québec and New Brunswick. This network is devoted to the health of people and the planet. That is why we continuously improve all of our operations in order to reduce our overall ecological footprint. Explore our eco-friendly initiatives.

Optimized deliveries

Partnership for regional distribution

A partnership for regional distribution

Familiprix has joined forces with a major stakeholder in the retail industry to optimize deliveries to outlying regions in order to reduce costs and our environmental footprint.

Electric car deliveries

Medication is delivered to clients using electric vehicles


Automated warehouse

Our new automated warehouse

Eco-friendly facilities

Clear guidelines for eco-friendly facilities

Waste and consumables

Computers and peripherals

Computers and other peripherals

All old IT equipment is sent to an organization dedicated to recycling it for local communities.

Paper recycling

Paper recycling

Recycling paper at our headquarters is conducted by a non-profit social enterprise that is specialized in safely and sustainably destroying confidential documents.

Our Green committee

Our eco-friendly transformation would not have been a success without the help and cooperation of employees at Familiprix’s headquarters. We created a Green committee, which is composed of representatives from each department at our offices. This committee, instilled by Familiprix’s management team, was actually the springboard of all our other green initiatives. The involvement of committee members ensures that sustainable development projects are successfully carried out and meet their originally set goals.

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