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How to book an appointment?

Quebec directives

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign is supported by the government but carried out in collaboration with pharmacists. In Quebec, appointments are made via the Clic Santé platform. By using the “Book an appointment” button below, you will be redirected to this website. You can choose the COVID-19 vaccination service there and, using your postal code, identify a participating location near you. 

For more information about the vaccination campaign, please refer to the government website. 

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New Brunswick directives

The appointment for the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in New Brunswick is supported directly through the pharmacy. You must therefore contact your pharmacy for more information on making an appointment.

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Useful resources

Information and recommendations regarding the COVID-19 virus evolve very quickly. Here are two websites you should regularly refer to:

Planned order of vaccination in your region:

COVID-19 vaccines:

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