Published on October 21, 2014 at 14:41 / Updated on July 26, 2019 at 13:25

Achieving a healthy body weight is unquestionably a very sensible goal to strive for. Not only will it improve your physical and psychological well-being, it will also decrease your risk of suffering from a slew of chronic diseases. However, be wary of dream weavers! Be vigilant with diet and weight-reduction cures offered by some alternative medicine gurus. When it comes to your health, learn to distinguish between frivolous promises and judicious advice.

Some praise the merits of regular fasting to purify the system, yet no study has ever proven that fasting is in any way beneficial. We are however, well aware of its short-term damages (ex: headaches, fatigue, weakness) and long-term damages (ex: muscle degeneration, general weakening of the system). Fasting does not promote detoxification: rather, by suddenly stimulating the use of body fats, it provokes the release of the waste accumulated in them…

The blood type theory can also make us smile… Its devotees argue that people with type O negative blood do not have the same nutritional requirements as those with type A positive blood! Although this concept has no scientific background, a person who follows these recommendations to a T, is at high risk for food deficiencies.

Diets that recommend the exclusion of certain food groups (grain products, dairy products, certain types of vegetables, etc.) include on their part, risks of deficiencies that will harm the system sooner or later.

To lose weight, maintain a healthy body weight in the long term and attain a maximum daily intake of healthy nutrients, only a diet made up of the various food groups, based on the Canadian Food Guide for example, and combined with regular exercise, will allow you to reach your goals. You must remember that fruits and vegetables are to be consumed without moderation, that you should favour whole grains and enriched products (breads, pasta, etc.), chose low-fat dairy products and lean meats…while putting the breaks on sweets and fats!

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