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Drinking a lot of water likely offers few benefits

Published on October 21, 2015 at 14:42 / Updated on March 3, 2020 at 19:23

As we get closer to warmer days, thinking about always having a water bottle on hand and drinking from it regularly is a judicious idea. But what quantity of water is sufficient? Does ingesting great quantities of liquids carry additional benefits?

Although the subject remains controversial, it would seem that it does not. The body naturally regulates the quantity of liquids we drink by triggering the feeling of thirst. However, various arguments have been suggested to confirm that we should drink much more than to simply satisfy our thirst. Even though the benefits of drinking great quantities of water remain unclear, many sources argue that it contributes in ridding the body of toxins, relieving headaches, eating less and maintaining a healthy skin.

If the benefits of drinking more than the norm have yet to be confirmed, the risks of dehydration definitely have, particularly when it comes to young children and senior citizens. Although slight dehydration only typically causes weakness, fatigue and dizziness, more severe dehydration can compromise the function of many vital organs. Therefore, even if the benefits of keeping ourselves sufficiently hydrated have yet to be proven, we should not prevent ourselves from drinking generous amounts of liquid.

We should also keep in mind that individuals who play a lot of sports have a greater need for ample hydration, in order to compensate for the losses of liquids caused by perspiration. This is why it is recommended we always hydrate ourselves very well before, during and after being physically active.

So, as summer approaches, why not make a habit of drinking regularly, especially in very warm weather or when you are being physically active and playing outdoor sports. The production of clear and diluted urine is a good indicator of sufficient hydration, and is a sign that you are responding adequately to your body’s liquid requirements.

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