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Getting around by bike: A healthy and green choice

Published on April 12, 2023 at 12:05

Why not consider cycling as an option to get to the Familiprix store nearest you? It's time to get back in touch with your 2-wheeled vehicle and adopt sustainable mobility habits! Here are 5 reasons why it's better to choose a bike than a car:

1. Cycling is a more efficient mode of transportation

Do you want to avoid traffic congestion and play your part in minimizing gridlocks? Cycling is a great option!

In many cases, your travel time can be faster by bicycle than by car. During rush hour, less than 5 km can be covered faster by bike than by car. You also control your departure times and the stops you wish to make.

In addition, thanks to electric bicycles, people can cover even longer distances in shorter times.

2. Cycling is good for your health, especially for people with heart disease or diabetes

Active transportation, such as cycling, is a tangible solution to promote healthier lifestyles as well as optimal physical and mental health. When cycling, you get some fresh air—all while moving! A sedentary lifestyle is a problem for almost half of all adults in the province. Not moving can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Physical activity, like cycling, can also reduce the risk of falling by increasing muscle mass.

3. Cycling is an ecological choice

Knowing that gasoline-powered vehicles generate a significant amount of GHG emissions and contribute to climate change, bikes are an eco-friendlier alternative to cars.

It's simple! The bike is carbon-neutral, which means that it does not generate any emissions; it is a concrete way to do your part for the planet. It also helps reduce air pollution, which has negative impacts on the health of citizens, and noise pollution in your neighbourhood. Imagine pedalling to create an environment free of noise, disturbances and stress!

4. Cycling is a stress reliever

Cycling allows you to spend more time outdoors and be exposed to natural light (as you avoid traffic jams, of course!). It's an effective way to reduce stress.

Some studies have shown that daily cycling can potentially reduce anxiety and have a positive effect on depression. How? By improving your mood and self-esteem.

5. Opting for a bicycle is more economical

Finally, cycling is an excellent option for saving money by reducing gas bills. As you very well know, gas prices are constantly increasing in Quebec, carving a dent in people’s budgets. In fact, it is the second largest expense after housing, and, in many cases, it represents a large part of your monthly costs. In addition to saving on gas, you will avoid the cost of running your car. You will be able to reap long-term economic benefits that could allow you to face inflation better.

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