Published on March 30, 2023 at 12:34

Article written in collaboration with Webber

The joints in the human body allow for movement with a certain amount of flexibility. Joint pain, from conditions such as osteoarthritis, can be very painful and disabling to a person's mobility.

An innovative nutritional supplement

Made from chicken eggshell membrane, NEM is a natural source of collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and calcium. Gentle on the stomach, it is recognized as an effective nutritional supplement that contributes to joint health.

Webber naturals - super NEM joint care

NEM benefits

NEM is a fast-acting pain reliever that is an alternative to commercially available joint care products, such as glucosamine. It is known for:

  •     Mitigating joint pain within only 5 to 7 days

        Helping to reduce joint pain from moderate-intensity aerobic exercise from day one

        A rapid improvement in joint mobility

        A significant decrease in inflammation

        Protecting the joint against cartilage deterioration

        Reducing joint pain associated with physical exercise

A natural alternative

NEM is a natural product that can be consumed daily at a rate of one capsule per day. It can contribute to the relief of joint pain caused by osteoarthritis or any other problem located at the level of the joints.

This product is ideal for:

  • People experiencing pain, swelling and stiffness related to osteoarthritis.
  • People suffering from various joint problems, other than osteoarthritis.
  • People living with exercise-related joint pain
  • People with mobility restrictions
  • Seniors who want to stay active and maintain good joint health

Pour de plus amples informations, consultez votre professionnel de la santé, afin de déterminer si le NEM convient à votre condition.

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