Lunch boxes and allergies

Parents with school-age children all know that preparing healthy yet tasty lunch boxes day after day can be challenging, especially if their children have food allergies. 

Not only do they have to carefully select the types of food they use and read the information on the packaging, they also have to comply with school rules that usually include a list of prohibited foods that must never be found in students’ lunch boxes. This precaution is important because young children tend to share their meals and snacks, increasing the risk of accidental exposure to allergens. Peanuts are the most feared allergen because of the severity of the allergic reactions even trace amounts can cause. However, children can also be allergic to soya, seafood, wheat, eggs, dairy products, and more. Fortunately, Canada has revamped its laws and regulations governing food labeling, requiring food companies to clearly identify potential allergens contained in the food or that may have been in contact with it. This allows parents to choose foods that are safe for children with food allergies. 

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