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Learn how to easily control your diabetes with the free My Diabetes app.

You can now connect your CONTOUR® NEXT ONE glucometer to easily obtain an accurate portrait of your condition.

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CONTOUR® NEXT ONE and application My Diabetes

Step 1

Measure your blood-glucose using CONTOUR® NEXT ONE.

Step 2

The data is automatically synchronized with the My Diabetes app.

Step 3

Easily control your diabetes with daily monitoring.

Simple, useful tools

Controlling your diabetes depends on you!


Add personalized information in order to receive personalized notifications.


Get an overview of your glycemic trends and receive tips and tricks.


Record your blood glucose, carbohydrate consumption, weight, physical activity and your insulin doses.


Record events (ex.: meals, activities) that can have an impact on your disease’s behaviour.


Invite a loved one to monitor your diabetes daily or during a vacation abroad.


Support guide

Get access to a wealth of useful information.

Healthy recipes for diabetics

In cooperation with Ricardo

Ricardo has developed 25 gourmet recipes for diabetics that will help you create a succulent, worry-free menu to help regulate your blood sugar levels.

All of these healthy recipes are approved by Ricardo’s nutritionists.

  • Grilled chicken and mango pitas
  • Shredded, curried cabbage noodles and beef sauté
  • Cantaloupe salsa
  • Upside-down yogurt and fruit
  • Cold soup with peas and mint ice cubes
Ricardo has developed 25 gourmet recipes