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Discover the walking or cycling school bus

Published on August 14, 2017 at 14:59 / Updated on May 8, 2018 at 20:53

A simple way to add physical activity in your children's day: active transportation to school with a “trottibus” or “velobus”!

Many schoolchildren today no longer walk or bike to school, although the majority of them remain within walking distance (1.6 km or less). It is estimated that active transportation to school has declined by 50% in the last 30 years. Why this drop? In a small proportion, it is a matter of distance. But most often, it's simply easier (dad or mom goes to work by car and leaves their children in school). The parents’ fears for the safety of their children also may play a role.

Yet walking or cycling can not only increase the level of physical activity that is often inadequate for schoolchildren, but also promote academic success and psychological well-being.

Today, there are a number of initiatives that promote active transportation to elementary school children, including the "trottibus" and the "vélobus". These are groups of children who walk (or cycle) together to school on a predetermined route under the supervision of two adult volunteers, one at the front of the group and the other at the end of the group.

As for a bus ride, the children wait at predetermined meeting points as the "bus" passes to collect them. These initiatives are supported by various organizations, such as the Canadian Cancer Society and vélo Québec.

These "buses" are a good way to ensure the safe transportation of children while encouraging socialization and self-reliance, both of which contribute to academic success.

Moreover, several studies have shown that the habits acquired during childhood are more likely to persist throughout life. In other words, an active child is more likely to become an active adult!

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