Start the year on the right foot!

January is often the month of resolutions. "Getting more exercise" is probably in the top three of the most popular ... and least respected resolutions! Here are some tips to persist!

  1. Choose an activity that really appeals to you!
  2. If your resolution is to be physically active, it's likely that you're no sportsman. When one does not have much affinity with sport, it is easy to be influenced by what is fashionable, without really knowing if the activity will please us. Before getting started, why not try it out, especially if you need to pay or buy expensive equipment to practice the activity? Many sports centers offer the opportunity to attend a session free of charge or at little cost. You can also accompany a friend in an activity.
  3. Group or solo? Depending on your personality, being part of a group can be an incentive or a source of stress. On the other hand, persevering in a new activity can be difficult when there is no one to accompany us and encourage us. Doing an activity with a buddy is sometimes a good compromise!
  4. Also consider the schedule of the activity. A group activity is done at a predetermined time. For some people, a fixed schedule is easier to integrate into the routine, while for others the flexibility of a solo (or duo) activity is better.
  5. Consider where the activity takes place. Even the most enjoyable activity can become a chore if it requires you to make long trips or to travel during the rush hour.
  6. Have Realistic Expectations In sport, as in many other spheres of our lives, it is good to set goals. But these goals must also be achievable. If you have big ambitions, cut them into smaller steps. Before thinking of running a marathon, you must succeed in running a 5 km!
  7. Obtain your physician’s consent. If you have a chronic illness and are sedentary, it is best to talk to your doctor before you start a sport. Everyone can be physically active, but not all activities are suitable for everyone. Your doctor will explain which activities are compatible with your health.
  8. A consultation with a sports professional can also be a good way to establish a fitness plan tailored to your abilities, skills, and preferences.
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