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Too cold for outdoor sports? Find another excuse!

Published on October 21, 2014 at 14:42 / Updated on October 11, 2019 at 15:26

Is it dangerous to go out walking or running in winter? Contrary to popular belief, experts have concluded that exercising in cold weather is in fact safe. Although being active in temperatures below zero requires a bit more preparation than in the summer, it can indeed be very pleasant and could help us appreciate the harshness of our wintry climate.

Many people fear the cold air will damage their lungs. But it is in fact the dry winter air that irritates our respiratory tract, rather than the cold air itself. In reality, when air reaches the lungs, it has become just as warm as the body. To prevent any discomfort caused by breathing in dry cold air, you can place a scarf over your mouth, as this will humidify the air you breathe in.

Some people like to say that there is no such thing as temperatures that are too cold, there are only wrong clothes. This statement is not completely unfounded. For example, cotton should be entirely avoided for winter sports, because this natural fibre actually retains humidity. Rather, we should choose clothes that are made of synthetic fibres or natural wool, and wear them in thin layers. This way, we can easily remove a layer if we get too hot. You should also avoid dressing too warmly, or else you are likely to perspire profusely and increase your risk of cooling down too quickly when you stop moving. The face, ears, fingers and toes are very prone to frostbites, so they must be protected adequately!

Even in bitter cold weather, you will not get cold so long as you remain active. Therefore, you should plan your activities very well to avoid long breaks, and plan to bring dry clothes you can change into once you finish your chosen activity.

You would like to start being active in the winter? That’s the spirit! Think about talking it over with friends and loved ones who practice winter sports. You can also speak with experts in specialty stores to get advice on how to dress properly to fully appreciate the frigid winter season.

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