Published on October 21, 2019 at 14:43 / Updated on May 23, 2024 at 15:23

Working only sitting down or standing up can be hard on your body. Prolonged sitting is unhealthy, but standing eight hours a day can be difficult as well. Back problems are a primary symptom.

Several jobs involve sitting in front of a computer screen for long hours throughout the day. Not only do many people work sitting down most of the time, but the use of this position doesn't stop there. On public transit or in the car, at mealtimes, in front of the TV, scrolling before falling asleep, while reading, and so on.

The typical day for those who work from home isn't much better, as they only have to walk a few steps to get to their computer. Walking during the day is almost non-existent.

Be careful of sitting too much

When sitting for long periods, the muscles of your torso, neck and shoulders are in a fixed position. Maintaining this position can compress your blood vessels, impairing blood circulation. Workstations must be designed to avoid tissue compression, promote blood circulation, and allow your limbs to adopt a more natural position.

That's why many people suggest small alternatives and changes to your work habits to add to your daily routine to stretch your legs and avoid the risks associated with sitting for long hours.

  • Exercise daily
  • Get up regularly to stretch and loosen your muscles
  • Take a short walk for a few minutes every hour
  • Do some stretching during the day 
  • Park your car within a 10–15-minute walk of the office
  • Stand on public transit
  • Make your workstation as ergonomic as possible so that it can accommodate changes of position (sitting, standing).

An adjustable, ergonomic solution

The practical solution for office workers resides in adjustable desks, which allow you to change the position of your work desk as required. These desks can be raised at the touch of a finger for a standing video meeting and then lowered back down to review a long document. Standing for a period of time can be very pleasant and even encourage active discussions There are also high stools that allow you to adopt an intermediate position between sitting and standing, which is appreciated by some people.

Height-adjustable desks are already very popular with many companies. If you're thinking of redesigning your workspace, learn more about adjustable desks. They could make your time at the office and home much more comfortable.

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