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Making time in your life for physical activity

Published on March 12, 2019 at 12:45 / Updated on March 20, 2019 at 12:19

Want to get back in shape but not sure where to start? Feel like there aren’t enough minutes in the day to add yet another activity? Here are a few tips to help you walk the talk!

Sit down and analyze your schedule

Before starting a new activity, take the time to determine how it will fit into your personal, professional, and family schedule. Otherwise, it could become a burden you quickly abandon. 

Things to consider:

  • Activity with a fixed or variable schedule: Some people find a fixed schedule restrictive, while others find it motivating. While the advantage of a flexible schedule is that it can be adapted to accommodate unforeseen events, the downside is that it’s easy to forgo. 
  • Activities at your workplace: This is often an ideal solution. Going out for a walk or a jog with colleagues at lunchtime is also an option that is relatively easy to incorporate into most schedules. 
  • Combine your activity with that of a family member. For example, if your daughter has soccer practice three times a week, instead of simply watching from the stands, why not go for a walk or jog around the neighborhood instead? 
  • Distance to the activity site: The time it takes you to get there should be reasonable versus the duration of the activity and the time of day. For example, while it may make sense to drive 90 minutes to go skiing with the family on a Saturday, driving 60 minutes (there and back) to take part in a 60-minute activity on a weeknight may not be so reasonable.

Choose an activity you enjoy

While it may sound obvious, if you need to make sacrifices or a special effort to take part in an activity, it should at least be one you enjoy doing! 

Before signing up for a new activity, take advantage of any trial periods (they’re often free) during the sign-up period (often in January, June, and September).

Respect your limits

Before jumping feet-first into a new activity, make sure it’s not too intense for you. Don’t sign up for a more advanced level simply because it fits better into your schedule. You could end up getting discouraged or—worse—injured! 

Likewise, if you take up a new activity on your own, e.g., running, start very gradually. Consider consulting a professional who can draw up a personalized program for you. Alternatively, you could try one of the many fitness apps out there that offer programs tailored to beginners.

Have you considered active transportation?

Walking, jogging, or riding to your destination is an excellent way to add periods of physical activity to your schedule. If your workplace is a reasonable distance from your home and there’s a safe route to get there, then you’re in luck! If not, identify other places that are easier to get to, for example, the post office or pharmacy.

Take part in the Health Challenge

The Health Challenge is a great opportunity to help motivate you to get back in shape, and the website offers lots of helpful resources:

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